About Us

Helping our clients grow and overcome challenges

At iDGS, our team consists of highly-skilled and experienced professionals, including business analysts, system engineers, network administrators and consultants. Our expertise in Domain Knowledge allows us to deliver quality solutions and come up with competitive products to suit our clients’ needs. We align our client management and operations strategy towards our clients’ business objectives.

We employ open source system, and this offers us the possibility to innovate from the bottom up with no vendor lock-in, significantly reducing costs. With open source, this means we deal with less expensive hardware and no licensing costs associated with Linux.

We take quality assurance and testing seriously, introducing it at the earliest stage of the project. Our dedicated Quality Assurance team at iDGS uses a wide range of comprehensive testing methods and tools, resulting in highest quality solutions.

With our superior management system supporting our daily operations, out entire iDGS operations are centralized, including customer support. This tremendously reduces unnecessary procedures and minimize turnaround time for resolving issues.